Al Maddah
Al Maddah

Al Maddah

(2021) TV
Original Title: “المداح“

Saber Al Maddah is a devout and lovable man. Al-Shaytan was able to get him because of the one whose heart was attached to her love, so he killed the closest people to her, and his life was turned upside down.

Source: TMDb

45 minutes
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Al Maddah: Season Two: The Legend of the Valley
Al Maddah · Season Two: The Legend of the Valley (2022)
Al Maddah: Season One: The Meddah
Al Maddah · Season One: The Meddah (2021)
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Al Maddah: Season Two: The Legend of the Valley

Al Maddah: Season Two: The Legend of the Valley
Released: 2022
Episodes: 30


  • S02E01 / Episode 1
  • S02E02 / Episode 2
  • S02E03 / Episode 3
  • S02E04 / Episode 4
  • S02E05 / Episode 5
  • S02E06 / Episode 6
  • S02E07 / Episode 7
  • S02E08 / Episode 8
  • S02E09 / Episode 9
  • S02E10 / Episode 10
  • S02E11 / Episode 11
  • S02E12 / Episode 12
  • S02E13 / Episode 13
  • S02E14 / Episode 14
  • S02E15 / Episode 15
  • S02E16 / Episode 16
  • S02E17 / Episode 17
  • S02E18 / Episode 18
  • S02E19 / Episode 19
  • S02E20 / Episode 20
  • S02E21 / Episode 21
  • S02E22 / Episode 22
  • S02E23 / Episode 23
  • S02E24 / Episode 24
  • S02E25 / Episode 25
  • S02E26 / Episode 26
  • S02E27 / Episode 27
  • S02E28 / Episode 28
  • S02E29 / Episode 29
  • S02E30 / Episode 30


An unsettling dream alters the course of Saber's life, and as he tries to look for an explanation, he finds himself on the cusp of war with the supernatural.


Currently, you can only stream Al Maddah on TVNZ in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy or rent Al Maddah on any of the streaming services in New Zealand at the moment.

Al Maddah was released last year (2021).

Currently there are 2 Seasons of Al Maddah. The and to date the last season of Al Maddah was released in 2022.



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