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The best VPN for streaming movies and other online content

What is it?

Streaming providers restrict their content depending on the user’s country. For example, if you are browsing Netflix from France, you’ll get different movies and series than in Germany.

NordVPN is a software that allows you to pretend you’re in a different country and to watch movies and series that are available in that country. With NordVPN, you can choose from one of over 60 locations around the world. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Germany or elsewhere, you can set your location to the United States, France or the Netherlands. Of course, the same applies to all other available countries.

So, even if a series or movie isn’t available in your country, you can still stream it with just one click at NordVPN. Some titles are even cheaper in other countries.

How it works?

NordVPN works on all devices. Just log in and you can start the installation process.
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Install NordVPN like any other application on your computer – it’ll only take a few minutes. NordVPN works with all major operating systems such as Windows or Mac.
how do I connect?
Simply open the application and select the country from which you want to browse. That’s it!
how does it work?

Get access to the worldwide streaming offer and watch your favourite movies and shows.

Available on:
Android Windows macOS Firefox Google Chrome Linux
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30-day money-back guarantee
You’re not at risk when buying. NordVPN offers an attractive warranty so you can try the service without any worries.
Ultra-high speed
NordVPN is an established VPN provider that doesn't have any problems with the high volume of data being streamed - stream your favourite content without any problems in maximum quality.
Multiple connections
If you’re streaming across multiple devices, NordVPN is the best solution. You can install and use it on up to six devices at a time.
No speed limit
The provider NordVPN has no limits, so you can stream all content without any problems.
NordVPN's service also works reliably at peak times, which is ideal for streaming.
Wide range of locations
You can choose from over 60 countries, giving you access to the international range of all streaming platforms.
Streaming. No restrictions
NordVPN unlocks all your streaming services, giving you access to movies and TV from around the world.
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What are the advantages of a VPN?

Worldwide streaming offers
Is your favourite show not available in your home country? Are you abroad for the next few months and you want to continue streaming your favourite movies and shows? With a reliable VPN, you're in the best position and can access all your streaming content at any time.
Anonymity & best possible data protection
A VPN provides the best possible security and anonymity. Especially in insecure connections, e.g. in hotels, a VPN protects your privacy.
Streaming without limitation
Internet providers can limit certain data transfers at peak times, which will greatly degrade your streaming experience. With a good VPN provider like NordVPN, you can easily bypass this limitation and continue to stream without any worries or issues.


In most countries, the use of a VPN is completely legal. However, illegal activities are also prohibited when using a VPN.

If you choose the right provider, you won't be at risk with a VPN. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Often using it is even recommended. We’ve chosen the provider NordVPN for you because it is trustworthy.

In principle, using a VPN works very easily. After downloading and registering, you can start right away and choose a VPN location. On our page, we show you in which countries and regions your desired movie or show is available.

There is a wide range of VPN providers on the market. However, not all of them are specifically suitable for streaming. Our research has shown that NordVPN is one of the most popular providers, which is why we recommend it on our website.

Streaming. No restrictions
NordVPN unlocks all your streaming services, giving you access to movies and TV from around the world.
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