Durian's Affair
Durian's Affair

Durian's Affair

(2023) TV
Original Title: “아씨두리안“

Two women from a noble family in Joseon Dynasty get to time-travel and meet some men living in 2023. An eclipse happens when the two women mysteriously show up at the grand party in the Dan family's vacation home. The two women's appearance leads the Dans into a strange yet beautiful story transcending time and space. Du Ri-an and So-jeo are pure and elegant women from Joseon, and they're mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Their story develops as they get to meet Baek Do-yi and rich men from the Dans. How will this unique time-traveling story unfold?

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1 hour 10 minutes
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Durian's Affair: Season 1
Durian's Affair · Season 1 (2023)

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Durian's Affair: Season 1

Durian's Affair: Season 1
Released: 2023
Episodes: 16


  • S01E01 / Do-yi's 70th Birthday
  • S01E02 / Ri-an Meets Chi-gam
  • S01E03 / Eon Appears in Front of So-jeo
  • S01E04 / Unwelcome Guests
  • S01E05 / Ri-an and So-jeo’s Disappearance
  • S01E06 / You Must Leave
  • S01E07 / First Lesson
  • S01E08 / Ri-an and So-jeo’s Identity
  • S01E09 / Ri-an And So-jeo’s Hypnotherapy
  • S01E10 / The Confession
  • S01E11 / Let’s Go Party
  • S01E12 / Another Date
  • S01E13 / Episode 13
  • S01E14 / Episode 14
  • S01E15 / Episode 15
  • S01E16 / Episode 16


Two unidentified women appeared at the moment of a big party and a lunar eclipse in the Dan family's villa, and the strange and beautiful, timeless fate of the Dan family unfolds.


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