America Says
America Says

America Says

(2018) TV
Original Title: “America Says“

In this family-friendly game show, two teams face off to guess Americans' responses to questions covering a variety of topics.

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25 minutes
1 nomination
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America Says: Season 5
America Says · Season 5 (2022)
America Says: Season 4
America Says · Season 4 (2021)
America Says: Season 3
America Says · Season 3 (2019)
America Says: Season 2
America Says · Season 2 (2018)
America Says: Season 1
America Says · Season 1 (2018)
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America Says: Season 4

America Says: Season 4
Released: 2021
Episodes: 45


  • S04E01 / East Coast Volleyballers vs. The Rabadis
  • S04E02 / Zookeepers vs. The Edwards
  • S04E03 / Old School Gamers vs. Peji-Devol Family
  • S04E04 / Chico State Moms vs. Church Games
  • S04E05 / East Coast Friends vs. Principal Squad
  • S04E06 / The Holmes Family vs. Mighty Mixers
  • S04E07 / Volunteer Moms vs. The Lewis Family
  • S04E08 / Elementary Teachers vs. Dragon Masters
  • S04E09 / The Thompsons vs. Friendly Neighbors
  • S04E10 / The Shorter Family vs. Bunco Babes
  • S04E11 / Harry Potter Heads vs. The Bike Riders
  • S04E12 / The Lais vs. Fantasy Gamers
  • S04E13 / The Backpackers vs. Foodie Moms
  • S04E14 / Baseball Mamas vs. Bad Movie Club
  • S04E15 / The Bennetts vs. The Singing Bunch
  • S04E16 / The Chatignyss vs Zoning Department
  • S04E17 / Hotel Coworkers vs Poker Night
  • S04E18 / Team Aquatic vs The Letzers
  • S04E19 / District Coworkers vs Ski Couples
  • S04E20 / The Asuncions vs Rock and Roll Crew
  • S04E21 / The Engleharts vs. Basketball
  • S04E22 / Concert Pals vs. Spa Coworkers
  • S04E23 / The Roe Family vs. Football Fans
  • S04E24 / Town Pride vs. Richardson Family
  • S04E25 / UCLA Classmates vs. The Robbins Family
  • S04E26 / Schoolyard Squad vs. The Dursmas
  • S04E27 / Karaoke Queens vs. Hockey Fans
  • S04E28 / Theater Crew vs. The Escobar Family
  • S04E29 / Gaston Family vs. Flight Crew
  • S04E30 / Golf Buddies vs. Globetrotting Moms
  • S04E31 / Penn State Alumni vs. High School Reunion
  • S04E32 / The Beards vs. Classic Rock Crew
  • S04E33 / The Collins Family vs. Dog Moms
  • S04E34 / Fakir Family vs. Fitness Fanatics
  • S04E35 / West Coast Campers vs. The Greniers
  • S04E36 / Dialysis Techs vs. Volunteer Pals
  • S04E37 / The Kazoo Band vs. The Mileys
  • S04E38 / The Concepcions vs. Excellent Teachers
  • S04E39 / Church Pals vs. Brunch Babes
  • S04E40 / Special Education Teachers vs. Baseball Bunch
  • S04E41 / Amazing Nurses vs. Shopping Moms
  • S04E42 / Team Tutors vs. Island Pals
  • S04E43 / Castellanos Family vs. Food Service Directors
  • S04E44 / New York Pals vs. Off Road Crew
  • S04E45 / Slot Machine Queens vs. Christmas Crew


Currently, you can only stream America Says on DIRECTV in the the United States.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy or rent America Says on any of the streaming services in the the United States at the moment.

The first season of America Says was released in 2018.

Currently there are 5 Seasons of America Says. The and to date the last season of America Says was released in 2022.



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