(1998) TV
Original Title: “Charmed“

Three sisters (Prue, Piper and Phoebe) reunite and unlock their powers to become the Charmed Ones, the most powerful good witches of all time, whose prophesied destiny is to protect innocent lives from evil beings such as demons and warlocks. Each sister possesses unique magical powers that grow and evolve, while they attempt to maintain normal lives in modern day San Francisco.

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42 minutes
5 wins & 20 nominations
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Charmed: Season 8
Charmed · Season 8 (2005)
Charmed: Season 7
Charmed · Season 7 (2004)
Charmed: Season 6
Charmed · Season 6 (2003)
Charmed: Season 5
Charmed · Season 5 (2002)
Charmed: Season 4
Charmed · Season 4 (2001)
Charmed: Season 3
Charmed · Season 3 (2000)
Charmed: Season 2
Charmed · Season 2 (1999)
Charmed: Season 1
Charmed · Season 1 (1998)
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Charmed: Season 8

Charmed: Season 8
Released: 2005
Episodes: 22


  • S08E01 / Still Charmed and Kicking
  • S08E02 / Malice in Wonderland
  • S08E03 / Run, Piper, Run
  • S08E04 / Desperate Housewitches
  • S08E05 / Rewitched
  • S08E06 / Kill Billie: Vol. 1
  • S08E07 / The Lost Picture Show
  • S08E08 / Battle of the Hexes
  • S08E09 / Hulkus Pocus
  • S08E10 / Vaya Con Leos
  • S08E11 / Mr. & Mrs. Witch
  • S08E12 / Payback's a Witch
  • S08E13 / Repo Manor
  • S08E14 / 12 Angry Zen
  • S08E15 / The Last Temptation of Christy
  • S08E16 / Engaged and Confused
  • S08E17 / Generation Hex
  • S08E18 / The Torn Identity
  • S08E19 / The Jung and the Restless
  • S08E20 / Gone with the Witches
  • S08E21 / Kill Billie: Vol. 2
  • S08E22 / Forever Charmed


The sisters have to live under false identities to be free of demons. Each sister remains unhappy and eventually decides to return to their Charmed lives. Paige, however, begins helping a young witch named Billie, who eventually discovers the sisters' magical secrets but agrees to keep them under wraps in exchange for witchcraft training.


Currently, you can only stream Charmed on Peacock TV in the the United States.

You can buy or rent Charmed on the following streaming services in the the United States: Google Play, iTunes, Vudu and Amazon.

The first season of Charmed was released in 1998.

Currently there are 8 Seasons of Charmed. The and to date the last season of Charmed was released in 2005.

No, Charmed is not available on Netflix in any country. But Charmed is available on these providers in the United States: Peacock TV.
No, Charmed is not available on Amazon Prime Video in the United States, but with a VPN you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, France and Italy.


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