Survivor South Africa
Survivor South Africa

Survivor South Africa

(2006) TV
Original Title: “Survivor South Africa“

The South African edition of the Survivor reality television game show format in which contestants are isolated in a remote location and progressively eliminated by the vote of their fellow contestants.

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3 nominations
Returning Series
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Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts
Survivor South Africa · Return of the Outcasts (2022)
Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island
Survivor South Africa · Immunity Island (2021)
Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets
Survivor South Africa · Island of Secrets (2019)
Survivor South Africa: Philippines
Survivor South Africa · Philippines (2018)
Survivor South Africa: Champions
Survivor South Africa · Champions (2014)
Survivor South Africa: Maldives
Survivor South Africa · Maldives (2011)
Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina
Survivor South Africa · Santa Carolina (2010)
Survivor South Africa: Malaysia
Survivor South Africa · Malaysia (2007)
Survivor South Africa: Panama
Survivor South Africa · Panama (2006)
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Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts

Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts
Released: 2022
Episodes: 24


  • S09E01 / Twice the Game
  • S09E02 / Survivor 101
  • S09E03 / The Ghost of Your Past Game
  • S09E04 / Walking on Eggshells
  • S09E05 / Rope Dealer
  • S09E06 / Sharp Tools
  • S09E07 / Expect the Unexpected
  • S09E08 / This is Gonna Be a Life Long Torture
  • S09E09 / Flat Out No
  • S09E10 / The Don
  • S09E11 / Spanners in the Works
  • S09E12 / Guess What, You Are a Number!
  • S09E13 / Work for It
  • S09E14 / A Steady Ship
  • S09E15 / High Risk, High Reward
  • S09E16 / Dipping into the Dark Side
  • S09E17 / Balance of Power
  • S09E18 / Goat Mode
  • S09E19 / A Whole Lot of B.S.
  • S09E20 / Our Little Alliance
  • S09E21 / A Game of Fluidity
  • S09E22 / No Tools In My Toolkit
  • S09E23 / Peace. Calm. Confidence.
  • S09E24 / Head vs. Heart


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